Functional Skills Based Resume Examples

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The format and style of your cv must be professional yet simple. In some cases, a functional resume may be a better choice for you.

Functional Resume Examples & Skills Based Templates

When to use a functional resume.

Functional skills based resume examples. Functional resumes may help you mask employment gaps and they come in handy when your experience isn’t directly relevant to the position. A functional resume is a type of resume format which showcases skills over experience. Do this by listing employment dates without the months.

Since the functional resume template allows you to shift the focus from your work history to your skills and qualifications it is also called the skills based resume format. Like the functional resume format, the hybrid resume has space at the top of the page for skills and accomplishments. The functional resume style omits dates, employers, and job titles in its purest form.

You will find it by clicking on the insert tab of the ribbon. How to write a skills based (functional) cv. This type of cv focusses on your key skills and personal attributes, over your employment experience.

A skills based cv (also known as a functional cv or simply a “skills cv”) highlights your skills and qualifications rather than work experience. Direct work experience is woven into an applicant’s professional story through individual sections on qualifications, skills and specific achievements. It may be a good fit for those with employment gaps or who are changing careers.

While you still include a brief overview of the places you’ve worked and your job titles, the main points of your resume centers on your skills — not your history of employment. Unlike the functional resume, it leaves the bottom half of the resume for a more traditional approach to the work history, where each position is accompanied by a blurb that outlines responsibilities and accomplishments. Skills cover a range of knowledge and talents, stemming from natural abilities or developed through experience, training or education.

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Although in theory it sounds great yet in practice, it has the possibility to get rejected in the first stage of the recruitment process. Resume skills section | 130+ examples of how to. The functional resume format focuses on portable skills or functional areas and ignores chronological order.

Writing a skills based cv requires a different approach to a normal cv, but you must remember that the goal is still the same… to secure interviews for your target jobs, by showcasing your suitability. Example of skills based resume in the employment market, skills are particularly important in defining matches with jobs. Functional resumes are ideal for people who do not have lots of work experience related to the job they are applying for.

Take a look at our examples below. Use this accessible functional resume or cv template to highlight your skills. Skills are often used as basic definitions of job related skills, and may also be used as keywords in analysis of job applications.

This is a good template for someone with limited job experience. It is oriented toward what the job seeker can do for the employer instead of narrating history. This format differs from a chronological format because a skills based resume list your skills at the top while a chronological resume lists your experience at the top and skills toward the middle or bottom.

Job seekers with weak work histories or a desire to change careers often use a functional resume to spotlight skills. Functional resume pros and cons functional resume pros. On a functional resume, list your skills and specific examples of how you used those skills.

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Include your work experience at the end of the resume. A skills based resume, also known as a functional resume, is a resume format that focuses more directly on your skills. The skills section in a functional resume comes after your contact information and professional objective and is typically divided into different skill categories.

If you are switching careers, are new to the field, or have gaps in your employment, consider using a functional resume. They give recruiters insight into your expertise and talents. A functional resume is a resume format that primarily showcases a candidate’s skills.

A functional resume focuses on your skills and experience rather than on your chronological work history. You’ll see that the skills section is about the same size as the work experience section of a chronological resume. The purpose of a functional resume is to draw attention to transferable abilities rather than focusing on a chronological overview of your work history.

If you use the functional format, the skills on your resume are more important than your work history. Employers seek candidates with specific skills and work experience.

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